If you have lived in Buffalo and Western New York long enough, you know that there are a few things that the people here take very seriously.

One is the food. Never knock the food here in Western New York. I'm not really sure why anyone would, since between the wings, Buffalo-style pizza, beef on weck and amazing candy spots, there's really no reason to. Buffalo does food right.

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Another thing to not say is knocking the "lack of things to do here."

Sure, we don't have the number of things to do as, let's say, New York City, Los Angeles or Chicago -- but that's just do to sheer size. There are many great things to do here, but many people's perception is the 33, 90 and snow. Buffalo is much more than that.

The last thing you can never knock is the Bills and Sabres. That doesn't mean people don't, because you venture on to Twitter, Facebook and Instagram and oh boy, the jokes that are made are plentiful.

However, there is currently one thing you should not say to any Buffalo or Western New York resident at this point in time.

That is knocking the Bills starting quarterback, Josh Allen.

Believe it or not, there are still trolls out there who say Allen stinks and cling to that pre-2018 NFL Draft narrative he was inaccurate and erratic.

We know Allen has proven that, but sports fans (Patriots, Dolphins and Jets fans in particular), take shots. Bills Mafia always and I do mean, ALWAYS, takes it personally and goes after those who take shots at Josh.

This is a good representation from Bruce Nolan on Twitter.

Yeah, just don't do it fellow sports fans. Buffalo will be on the lookout...

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