Josh Allen has had both a cereal and a coffee brand that was named after him. They've both contributed to raise big money for a Buffalo hospital.

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When the coffee and cereal first came out, they were a bit of a novelty.  We've seen them in Buffalo before.  A cereal named after a quarterback, or a popular player that has a cool name and is a collectible item to hold on to.

But the most recent cereal (Josh's Jaqs) along with his own brand of JA17 coffee has actually had a big impact on Oishei Children's Hospital.  If you remember when they all came out, one of the selling points was that by buying a box of either, a portion of the proceeds would be going to Oishei.

According to WIVB, it's already been a pretty significant amount.  They said that the cereal and the coffee have contributed to a $100,000 donation.  And they're not done yet. They're hoping to not only keep the products in stores year-round (instead of just during football season, but also to grow the coffee brand and offer something more than just a medium roast coffee.  They're looking into possibly doing bags of ground coffee or whole-bean coffee to have something more to offer people.

Kara Sayers is the digital marketing manager for PLB Sports & Entertainment who produces both the coffee and the cereal and she says that they're easily some of the most profitable products they offer.  She gives credit to Bills Mafia for supporting it like they have and says they always do.

If you would like to continue contributing to the amount that they will donate to Oishei Children's Hospital, you can get both the coffee and the cereal at Wegman's or at

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