If you saw some bright lights in the sky last night, you don’t have to worry about it being a balloon. 

It was a unique night for two planets as they became so close in the sky that they appeared to be kissing! 

Venus and Jupiter could be spotted on Wednesday night as they were only 29.4 arcminutes, or about a half of a degree, away from each other. The planets were in closest proximity just after midnight on Thursday morning. 

If you had a telescope, you could see both planets in the same field of view, but the planets were also so bright that you could see it with the naked eye, too. 

One person took a photo from their view in Western New York, and it looks really pretty, though definitely not what you’d expect.

The second photo is more zoomed in, but it honestly looks like the #11.

Cole Beasley, are you trying to tell us something? Haha.

Venus and Jupiter will be close again, but you won’t see that view until 2032. 

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