Who doesn't love sponge candy?  If you're from Western New York, it kind of has to be in your DNA Right? History says the tasty treat originated here in Buffalo, almost a quarter of a century before the Buffalo Wing. So it kind of makes sense when the taste of sponge candy is incorporated into other food items.

What if I told you, that you could get the taste of sponge candy, that was aged in bourbon barrels, in a cold refreshing pint of beer?

If you answered "HELL YES!" to that, well then you are in luck.  The mad scientists over at Resurgence Brewing Company have just introduced their 2021 Bourbon Barrel Aged Sponge Candy Stout.  According to their Facebook page, this delicious liquid heaven is now available in the taproom on draft as well as in Cans!!!

Credit Resurgence Brewing Company
Credit Resurgence Brewing Company

Established in 2014, the company's original brewery was located on Buffalo's West Side.  Resurgence Brewing Company opened its new brewery & taproom at 55 Chicago Street in Buffalo in 2019, closing the original brewery. The new facility lets you get up close and personal with the brewing process, including being able to view the production facility.  The location also includes a restaurant and banquet center.

Resurgence also is currently offering a wide selection of beers on tap including; Bridge Pilsner, Fruited Pilsner, Cosmic Truth, Mosaic Hopped Session Ale, The Surge, Citmo, Greehheart IPA, Resurgence IPA, Peanut Butter Porter, and many more!  You can see their full Chicago Street beer menu HERE

If you want to check out the real deal, you can put your eyes on some of the best Sponge Candy in Western New York HERE.

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