If you walk into a bar in New York State, especially in Western New York, you’re likely to see a beer made by Genesee Brewing Company on the list. Brewed in Rochester, New York, Genesee is the oldest brewery in New York State and a tap staple at both dive bars and high-end restaurants. 

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The brewery had a resurgence in the last ten years or so thanks to the craft beer movement, making it more popular than ever. Beers like their Cream Ale, Spring Bock, and 12 Horse Ale are favorites of both average joes and beer snobs alike. 

Recently, Genesee’s Cran Orange Kellerbier and Oktoberfest have been popular in bars due to the season, but it still doesn’t compare to their most popular offering. 


Genesee Ruby Red Kolsch Is One Of The Most Popular Beers In NYS

Their most popular offering by far is the Genesee Ruby Red Kolsch. It’s the brewery’s #1 selling beer in the Empire State.

Only released seasonally, fans of the refreshing and fruity beer quickly snatch it up during the warm spring and summer months. 

Last year, they branched out and released another flavor of their popular kolsch, Pineapple Kolsch, to mixed reviews.

Very soon, a brand new beer will join Genesee’s popular lineup on store shelves and on taps across New York State and beyond - one that was actually chosen by the brand’s loyal fans. 

Genesee Specialty Beers

Genesee Announces New Seasonal Specialty Beer

Back in February, Genesee announced their Vote Genesee For ‘23 campaign, inviting fans to vote for one of four candidates to be their next special seasonal release (and no, they didn’t include the Kolschcumber).

After votes were tallied, months of secret preparation began to take place to get this new fan-favorite beer ready for the public, including flavor and character development, packaging design, and finally, beginning the brewing process. 

After months of preparation, Genesee Brewing unveiled their brand new specialty beer, and the winner is…

Genesee Specialty Citrus Pils
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Genesee Specialty Citrus Pils Available In November


Genesee Specialty Citrus Pils, featuring natural tangerine and lime flavors, is the newest member of their brewing family. 

Considering how well-received Genesee’s other citrus beers are (just look at how fast their Ruby Red Klosch flies off the shelves), this one is sure to be a smash.

We know that summer is usually the season we crave a refreshing citrus-based beverage, but we bet this is going to fly off shelves across New York State when it’s available next month. We all could use something to lift our spirits and taste buds this fall, before the heavy snow comes our way this winter.

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