There was a large police response and chase reported late Sunday night in portions of Western New York. According to reports, the suspects being chased were captured.

Many commented on the post that was placed on Facebook on Sunday night as the suspects were reaching high speeds through areas near Fredonia and Dunkirk. Police trailed the car near Route 20 and Route 60.

Details from police are limited and the investigation seems to be ongoing in this case.

One eyewitness reported on Facebook that:

The car had no headlights, and almost hit me.

This happens are more and more car thefts are being reported across New York State. It is an issue that New York's Governor is working to solve.

I spoke with one person who recently has their car stolen in the Buffalo, New York area and they told me:

"It's one of the most intrusive, violating crimes. If you do happen to get your car recovered, they touched your steering wheel, sat in your seat and anything you keep in the car was easily accessible to them."

It is just another reminder to keep your car parked in a safe place with the keys in a safe place AWAY from the car. Another good idea is to never leave your car running at a gas station or in the driveway as thieves are bold and are on the lookout for an easy opportunity to take your vehicle.

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