Justin Bieber put on a show in Buffalo hours after a racially motivated massacre took place at a local supermarket. Like many other celebrities, Bieber has been very outspoken against hate and social injustices. He used a portion of the show at Key Bank Center to bring love and unity to those hurting.

President Biden and First Lady Biden will also be in Buffalo this week.

We are all still in shock as the reality of the barbaric attack from Saturday afternoon is setting in. It is a time to come together and heal.

On Saturday afternoon, 18-year-old Payton Gendron allegedly opened fire at the Tops supermarket on Jefferson Avenue before being taken into custody. Biden says any act of domestic terror is antithetical to everything we stand for in America.

There are multiple grief and mental health officials available throughout Buffalo and Western New York to help if you or someone in your family needs to speak with someone. You are certainly not alone. We have been through some tragedies before. But this vicious attack is entirely different and is extremely hard to process on many levels. As a father of three, I found in difficult to explain to our kids WHY these things happen. I am not sure if we can ever figure the answer to that out. But my wife and I are trying to focus on teaching our kids about respect for life and lean hard on our faith. Love for others, no matter who, is the foundation of what we are trying to make sure our kids grasp.

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