Halloween should be a fun night and it should also be a safe one.  It's one of those weird, unpredictable holidays....with tons of kids in costume darting across streets, strangers in masks knocking on your door and house parties with lots of booze and hardly enough designated drivers.  With that said, here are a few tips for kids, parents, homeowners etc..etc... For the trick-or-treaters, its always smart to travel in groups (preferably with an adult)

-Bring a flashlight with you.  It's a dark and busy night. Staying visible is important!

-When trick or treating...WALK on the sidewalk...the candy will be there.  No need to run or mindlessly cross the street.

-Trick-or-treat in areas that you know and only visit houses that have a light on.  People with the light off aren't going to give you anything!


- Go trick-or-treating with your kid.  It's a good bonding experience and a good way to make sure he/she is safe.  If your kid is over 13...he/she may tell you to buzz off.

-Set a plan for trick-or-treating, as well as a time to return home!

-Inspect the candy before lil Bobby or Jenny eats it.

-Give your kid you cell phone for the night ( chances are they already have one...if so, make sure it's on)

-Give the kiddies dinner before they go out!


-Have a clear yard and well lit yard so trick-or-treaters can access your door without any problems.  Move the hose, the dog leash..etc..etc

-If you have a dog, put him/her upstairs so he doesn't interfere with the passing out of treats!

-Use a battery powered jack-o-lantern lights.  A rel flame can be dangerous.

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