The Kelly Clarkson Show is finally here! But while the new talk show host may be concentrating on the superstar's interview skills at this point, there is no denying that she will be infusing music into many aspects of the show.

For example, the former American Idol champ debuted a show promo last Thursday (Sept. 5) that had her covering Dolly Parton’s iconic hit “9 to 5.”

Of course, doing covers is nothing new for Clarkson, who often sets some time during every one of her concerts to pay homage to the songs and the artists she loves. In the past, she has covered everyone from Miranda Lambert to Taylor Swift to Little Big Town. Clarkson even covered Parton's very own "Jolene" back in 2015.

And it’s this talent and personality that she exhibits in her live show that the 37-year-old hopes shines through during every episode of her new show.

“I want to have a well-rounded show,” Clarkson tells People magazine in a recent interview. “That’s an example of my personality in general. The thing people say most about me is that I’m not really famous. I don’t act like a famous person. I’m very much like, I go to Target every week, and I fill up my buggy just like everybody else. I’m just very normal. So I want the show to kind of reflect all of that.”

Of course, the talk show is just one of the many things on Clarkson’s plate right now. Not only is she a mother of four, but she also is set to star on The Voice this season alongside Blake Shelton, Gwen Stefani and John Legend.

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