If you have ever taken a stroll in this Western New York town, you will agree that it is one of the worst when it comes to litter. 

There’s a few places that probably come to mind when you think of litter around the area in Western New York, but this one is the worst that I’ve ever seen. 

While the city of Buffalo is a common place to find rats, you may think that downtown Buffalo has the worst garbage on the streets, but it’s actually another town not too far away. 

Just a skip and a hop away, you will find the Village of Kenmore, where the sidewalks and surrounding land area are just always covered in trash. 

I noticed the alarming amount of litter while on a walk down Delaware Avenue. It was so bad that it was blowing into oncoming traffic. It was in parking lots, stuck in the grass, and flying out of trash bins. 

People always joke that Kenmore has one of the strictest police forces, yet there is still so much trash that has accumulated around the area. 

Recently, I saw one driver throw his trash out the window while at a stoplight in Kenmore and he didn’t seem to show any remorse. 

There are fines for littering and in New York state, you can be charged hundreds of dollars, depending on where and what you litter. 

A local law firm shared the consequences for littering in New York state:

  • Littering on Highways and Adjacent Lands: You will be fined $350 for a first offense, which can also land you up to 10 hours of community service. If you commit the same offense in the future, you will be fined up to $700, or you may be required to complete 15 hours of community service. Some situations may require you to pay a fine and complete community service.
  • Littering on Railway or Subway Tracks: The first conviction comes with a fine of $250 and/or up to eight hours of community service. If you commit the crime again, you will be fined up to $500 and/or up to eight hours of community service.

We only get one earth. Let’s not cover it in garbage.

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