I know we have all seen a stop light before, right?

So when a stop light turns green, that means you should go…not stay on your phone. 

There are a lot of areas in Western New York that have been coined as “hot spots” for traffic jams, including places like the Big Blue Water Tower or Transit Road. However, there is one town that is the worst (or at least, honorable mention) when it comes to driving during rush hour.

Rush hour is typically right around 4 PM, and let me tell you – this Western New York town - Kenmore -  is the absolute worst when it comes to attentive and safe drivers. 

And you wonder why the police officers get a rep for pulling “too many” people over….

If you have ever driven through Kenmore around 4 PM on any given weekday, you already know I’m right.

Maybe the frequent stoplights at every block throw people for a loop, or maybe it’s the lane ending suddenly on Delaware Ave., or maybe the pure chaos begins when you attempt to take the Delaware exit from the 198 (and there is a half mile back up to turn off the 198).

I could go on and on about the driver difficulties in Kenmore…it’s just so bad at 4 PM on a weekday. Avoid it at all costs if you can. 

The school buses are out at this time, which also causes a lot of sudden stops (as you should – after all, you want to keep the kids safe). However, you would be surprised how many people I have seen illegally speed around a stopped school bus, just because they are in some “big hurry.”

Slow drivers seem to gravitate to the left lane, people are texting at every red light they hit, and forgetting that they have a turn signal.

Right? I mean, every car has turn signal capability last I checked…

The one thing that is truly dangerous too is when you are on the 198, right before the Delaware Ave. exit – the speed limit is 30 MPH. But whenever I take that road and drive at 30 MPH, people will pass me like I’m not even moving!

If you plan to walk or be out and about in the Kenmore area during rush hour, just be careful. It’s the town I always try to avoid driving through during that time…. if I can help it. 

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