It's incredible to see some of the collaborations that have been happening between artists during this quarantine.  Like this one from the band King Calaway and The Shires.

King Calaway is a relatively new band in country music made up of Chris Deaton, Simon Dumas, Chad Michael Jervis, Jordan Harvey, Austin Luther and Caleb Miller.  Recently they've taken to social media to put a smile on people's faces with something they call “Nashville’s House Band Series."

The challenges are certainly there.  How do you make a band of 6 stay in time when they aren't together?  Even more, how do you keep your band in time with another band that is half way across the world?  It's pretty impressive to say the least.

This isn't just a "one and done" thing.  Every week, they're teaming up with a new band.  This time out, they decided to tackle a Miley Cyrus hit called "The Climb" with a duo from the UK called The Shires.

What do you think?  Did they do it justice?


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