Buffalo is a city with a ton of nicknames, but perhaps the most well-known of them all is “City of Good Neighbors,” and with constant acts of kindness (like the one witnessed at a local restaurant earlier this week), there’s no doubt as to how we secured that title. 

Why Is Buffalo Called “The City Of Good Neighbors?”

Buffalo has a way of always coming to each other’s side in a time of support and need or to celebrate and rejoice…and in snow storms, we do not leave any neighbor behind. 

In Buffalo, there is a sense of community, family and friendship that you will rarely find elsewhere…which is why many of us are so proud to call Buffalo our home. 

One restaurant shared a random act of kindness that left them speechless earlier this week. 

Where Did It Happen?

Lake Effect Ice Cream in Lockport, NY shared the incredible moment on Facebook. They are located at 79 Canal St, Lockport, NY. 

What Was The Act Of Kindness?

This was such a heartwarming read. The co-owners of Lake Effect, Jason and Erik, posted the story on Facebook. 

The store had just held their 10th anniversary raffle and they had been passing out gift cards to the winners all week, but one winner did something really cool. 

“Our lucky $250.00 gift card winner, Carrie Gugliuzza, stopped in to pick up her gift card. She came in, got some ice cream and then proceeded to do something I absolutely didn’t expect. She gave the gift card back to the shop and told us to use it to pay for the ice cream of all the customers who visited the shop until it ran out.”

Random acts of kindness are something that are common around the Buffalo area, but it’s still so sweet and heartwarming when it happens. 

Thanks, Carrie, for sharing your sweetness with the community! 

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