Was or was there no gun threat at the Lancaster Middle School?

Last Friday, on December 10 parents and kids were worried when there was a rumor swirling around the district that there was a gun and/or threat to the students, faculty and staff.

The Lancaster Police Chief and Superintendent Michael Vallely issued a joint statement regarding the rumors and it is important to note that they have decided that there is no credibility to the rumors.

Parents, according to many parents in the district, were sent an email over the weekend. The email included that no bookbags were to be in any classroom.

We are investigating those individuals who started and are perpetuating these rumors. To provide people a level of comfort while we investigate who started these rumors, we have provided additional officers at the school this morning and we will monitor the need to do so in the future", they wrote in a joint statement that the Lancaster Police posted on Facebook Monday night.

ALSO: Lancaster police have been warning residents of car jackers lately. Cars have been stolen and found in remote areas, some with bullet holes in the cars. 

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