Didn't the Hawaii Brady Bunch vacation special start something like this?

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Even though you know you shouldn't, you take something from a protected area, and then bad luck ensues.

Well, in this recent case, it wasn't a thieved Tiki idol carving, but instead a rock taken from a Colorado park.

A tweet from the Colorado Parks and Wildlife's Southeast Region reads:

"Will taking rocks from an @COParksWildlife State Park curse you with bad luck? This person thought it did and mailed it back to the SE Region office. The best practice when visiting any park or wilderness is to take only photographs and leave only footprints."

It was accompanied by a note with the returned rock, claiming the owner has had bad things happen to them since the rock was given to them by a friend three years ago. The note-writer didn't seem to know what Colorado park the rock originated from, but hoped it would make it back to its Earthly home.

Recently the New York State Department of Environmental Conservation asked the public to "leave no trace," meaning to take all garbage and litter with you while using the parks and other public outdoor spaces.

As well, don't take parts of nature back home with you. You never know how you're luck might turn out.

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