Leonard Fournette is signing with the Bills after all.  Some Bills fans might remember him for a very specific play that happened a few years back.

Who is Leonard Fournette?

Leonard Fournette is an NFL running back who has been in the league since 2017. He was most recently with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers where he won a Super Bowl with Tom Brady.  But before that, he started his career with the Jacksonville Jaguars.

He's always been a player to look out for.  In his rookie season he finished with over 1000 yards rushing, 9 rushing touchdowns, and a receiving touchdown.  You know you're good when even your peers vote you into their top players.  He was voted 58th in the top players of 2018.  LeSean McCoy (30th) and Micah Hyde (62nd) were the only other Buffalo Bills to make that list that year.

It could be interesting for the first couple days in the Bills locker room

Although Fournette was a beast on the field, it's possible that not every Buffalo Bill will be happy to see him when he gets here.

Many Bills fans might remember Fournette for a particular fight that he was in with Buffalo's Shaq Lawson.

Shaq Lawson and Fournette got into it after a pass play where a Jacksonville receiver caught a ball at the same time as Buffalo's Levi Wallace.  The two both held on to possession of the ball long after a touchdown had been called.  When players jumped in to peel them apart, tempers flared and a brawl broke out.  Two of the most notable players were Lawson and Fournette.

Here's how Shaq described the fight:

Here's how Fournette responded after the fight:


You would guess that at this point in their career, they would have both moved on.  Hopefully, they have.  They both have the same goal now.

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