The snow has been falling all week in the Southtowns and the Southern Tier portions of Western New York. The lake effect bands have been dropping as much as three feet of snow in some spots. But are the trails good enough to get your snowmobile out and ride on? It really depends on where you plan to go.

Yes, there has been plenty of snow for your sled to cruise on. But with the current COVID restrictions and guidelines in place, some of the more popular destinations are not open and that would include the trail around them.

According to a post on the Southern Tier Snow Drifters website:

Trails are now open. Consider them as early season limited conditions.The groomers will be out packing down the snow, so remember to yield to them. The snow is much deeper on the southern end of our trail system. There will be ruts and mud, so ride safe and SLOW.

I suggest you join a club. You may want to consider joining multiple clubs. Not only are they a great resource for trail conditions, but they are also responsible for the maintenance of the trail system. The clubs also work year-round to make sure the landowners are happy and try to make sure the trails can stay open.

The weather looks favorable for the weekend to get the sleds out south of Buffalo. However, make sure you check ahead to see where you are allowed to trailer to or park your truck. Have fun and ride safe!

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