It's almost sold out!

The WYRK Transitowne Acoustic Show with Granger Smith, Lauren Alaina + Devin Dawson is coming to town on March 7 and it's almost completely sold out.

Granger, Lauren and Devin will all be on the stage at the same time with just their acoustic guitars, telling stories about how the wrote songs, who they wrote them with and it's really a cool, unique concert experience.

New Lauren Alaina song--Wings Of An Angel 

Does your halo grow heavy
hanging over your head
boy, you've held my heart steady since the first day we met
every time i lose my way
only you can bring me back
cause your will just don't break
keep this train on this track
Under the wings of an angel
Where my weary heart can sleep
I can close my eyes without thinking twice cause my souls been set free
under the wings under an angel heaven comes to me
pearly gates are open wide to eternity

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