Rebel Riders Animal Rescue started up about a year ago and they're throwing a big party to celebrate their anniversary!

You've heard me talk about my love of my pets.  We've got 3 dogs in our house.  Two of them came from rescues here in Western New York.  One of those rescues is about to celebrate their one year anniversary and they want you to come celebrate with them.

In January I started telling you about our Minnie Pearl.  She's the English bulldog that we just adopted through Rebel Riders Rescue.  The process was simple and our house wouldn't be the same without her.

If you are looking for a new dog to join your family, I cannot encourage you enough to search the rescues before you go anywhere else.  There's a great chance that you could find exactly what your family needs and save a life in the meantime.

If you'd like to learn more about adopting a pet, see some adoptable dogs, or just come celebrate the rescue, Rebel Riders will be having their anniversary party on Sunday April 7th from 11am-3pm at the Leonard Post in Cheektowaga.  If you've ever thought about rescuing a dog or had questions about the process, you should stop out.


"Come and join us for a Sunday filled with family fun! We are throwing a birthday party to celebrate rebel riders Turing one! We will have a 150+ plus basket auction as well as 50/50, beer, pizza, vendors, a big ticket auction and of course A BIRTHDAY CAKE!

certainly not least, ADOPTABLE REBELS ON SITE! Please come and join us as we celebrate the lives saved!"

You never might even get to meet Miss Minnie Pearl!

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