Last night we were out having some drinks when one of our friends caught wind that the iconic duo was at the other end of the restaurant we were at. I couldn't tell you much about them because when they told me that Glorida and Emilio Estefan were at the bar I said "ohhhh the lady that sings 1, 2, 3, 4 come on baby say you love me?"

(She's lucky there wasn't a jukebox there) lol

The duo is in Buffalo because tomorrow, Friday, a brand new musical kicks off at Shea's called 'On Your Feet' and runs through the end of the month.

I really get a very familiar, as in family feeling in Buffalo," says Gloria Estefan. "And we've enjoyed it very much. The food has been delicious, although I've got to watch it. It's hard; I'm tiny. For me, 5 pounds is a pound per foot, so, it's a little hairy", according to WGRZ.


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