If you've been on Twitter much the past week or two, chances are you've seen a series of polls put up by Fox Sports, asking "who has the best fans in the NFL?"

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Teams have gone head-to-head until a winner was crowned.

The final was between the Green Bay Packers and our Buffalo Bills....the Bills won the poll to be crowned the best fans in the NFL.

What makes this story even better is the fact that this afternoon, Fox Sports said that Bills fans have won a billboard to proclaim they have won the "best fans" honor, and they're asking Bills Mafia where exactly to put that billboard?

The choices are between New England (Foxborough), New York (East Rutherford), and Miami. The three division rivals for the Bills.

Judging by the results so far, that billboard is likely to land in New England, in the heart of Patriots country...

As of writing this, over 80 percent of Bills fans voting want the billboard put up in Foxborough!

The poll will go until tomorrow afternoon.

Let's Go Buffalo!

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