Let's be honest, is there anyone more popular in Buffalo right now than Bills quarterback Josh Allen? The Bills came up just short of the Super Bowl, losing 38-24 to the Kansas City Chiefs in the AFC Championship game, but it's the furthest the Bills have gotten since the early 90s.

Buffalo still loves Allen and the Bills despite the loss. Usually, Allen goes back home after the season ends but his family, including his father Joel, have been dealing with COVID-19, so Josh is staying in Buffalo for the time being.

Late January isn't a time of year you think of when it comes to ice cream but according to Bradley Gelber of USA Today's The Bills Wire, Allen was at an ice cream establishment this past Friday.

According to Gelber, he said he saw a Facebook post of someone sharing a story about Allen paying for everyone's ice cream at the Cold Stone Creamery in Orchard Park, which is located inside the Quaker Crossing Plaza.

That is so cool but honestly doesn't surprise me, given the praise of Allen's character over the last three years.

Speaking of that plaza in Orchard Park, I too saw Josh there. It was inside the Target before his rookie season and my fiancée (tthen girlfriend) was wondering why I was staring at this really tall person for so long. Honey, that's Josh Allen. I was witnessing greatness.

Here's to hoping the Bills work out a contract extension with Allen this offseason.

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