The summer concert season at Darien Lake got started with a Luke Bryan show on Friday, June 16, and he did not disappoint. 

Bryan walked on stage and immediately addressed the “Bills Mafia,” so of course the crowd responded with roars of excitement. 

Later in the concert, people actually started tossing their Buffalo Bills shirts on stage for Luke Bryan, hoping he would wear one of them (he ended up putting a white Bills shirt on for the remainder of the show).

But everyone is talking about what happened before that…when Luke Bryan stopped his performance of “Country On” so he could bring a woman from the audience on stage for an emotional surprise. 

“So Shannon’s husband has been fighting overseas for a couple of years, and I want to get her to help me. Come up here with me,” Bryan said from the stage. 

Shannon Dorvee was shocked as security guards helped her climb onto the stage from the first few rows. 

When she got on stage, Shannon started singing along with Luke Bryan. 

I say, ‘Hey, hey USA

We ain't seen our better days’

Hell naw, hey y'all

Country on”

That’s when Jeff Dorvee, Shannon’s husband, walked out in full uniform. 

You can watch the emotional surprise unfold….I get goosebumps every time. 

I was already in tears, but hearing the crowd chant “USA! USA!” made it so much better.

Thank you, Jeff, for your service! 

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