This is exactly my mom.

Luke Bryan recently bought his mom an ipad and said basically this is all he did by doing that: “Essentially all I did was buy her a vehicle to snoop on me.”

This next part is exactly my mom, when she sees that I’ve said something bad (misspellings too) she calls me saying that I can’t be saying those bad words. Luke’s mom does the same thing.  “She gets the Google Alerts, if I say a cuss word on Twitter, she calls me saying that I shouldn’t be saying that.  She’s got a little support group of 60-year-old ladies down there, they all have their little iPad, down there smoking and drinking and surfing the web on their iPad.” 

But, texting? How is his mom at texting? Well, not too good. “It’s like reading hieroglyphics when they text me.” LOL

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