Look what Josh Allen did on Christmas Eve for one Buffalo Bills fan!

He was walking off the field on Saturday night when a kid had a sign. Josh Allen walked up and gave him his hat. The kid next to him ALSO had a sign and was devastated when he didn't get acknowledgement from Allen. Somehow, the Bills tracked down this kid just in time for Josh Allen to give him a call on Christmas Eve and the kid was, as you can imagine, over the moon.

I just wanted to call you and say I'm sorry about last night I wish I would've saw your sign. Merry Christmas thank you for supporting the Bills and I'm going to send you out a couple little things if that's okay with you. Merry, Merry Christmas, buddy I hope you have a great day, okay?

Take a listen to the video below.

Allen set a couple of new records in the National Football League during the Buffalo Bills win against the Chargers this past weekend. Josh Allen's 2 new records include:

  • 4 seasons in a row that he has 40 total touchdowns on the season. This makes him the first player to ever do this.
  • First player to have a rushing touchdown and a passing touchdown in 11 games this season, which is a NFL record.

Maybe good enough to start really crawling to the top of the MVP prediction and beating out Lamar Jackson? Purdy and Hurts?

Josh Allen and the Buffalo Bills are back at Highmark Stadium on New Year's Eve taking on the underperforming New England Patriots for the second time this season. The game is a 1 PM kickoff in Orchard Park.

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