There are two season in the Western New York area; winter and construction! We are currently in the middle of the construction season and there is no lack of work being done in and around Buffalo.

The biggest thing to remember is that when you drive in these areas, be alert and pay attention and stay within the speed limit. Is it an inconvenience? Probably. But the same drivers who complain about the work being done are the same drivers who complain that the roads need work!

There is one intersection in the City of Buffalo that is going to be shut down as work will begin and repairs will get underway.

The hot weather continues as we move in to the second half of July. If you are planning a road trip, just be ready for road work being done. Watch your speed as there are now zones in which speed is being tracked by camera. I noticed that they were using that new speed tracking technology on the 219 this week near the Armor Duells Road exit where they are working on the overpass bridges.

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