It’s Maple Weekend!

(Photo by Tim Boyle)
(Photo by Tim Boyle)

I love Maple Weekend!  I have a friend that I was explaining to her that this weekend and next was Maple Weekend.  Being new to the area she looked at me like I had 12 heads!  She had tasted real maple syrup but always thought it just came from a Factory.  She never knew there were actually places you could go and see for yourself the sap coming out of the trees, heading down the lines, and being cooked into maple syrup!  The best part of this weekend too is once you’ve experienced how it’s made there are plenty of places around WNY serving up maple syrup and pancake breakfasts!  If you’re like me and can’t wait for this weekend all year long or if you’re like my friend and have never been to a place like this before then this is the perfect time for it! 

My favorite place to go to on these weekends is Beaver Meadow Audubon.  This one is cool because they not only show you how Maple Sugar is made but they show you with Red Hot Rocks the Native American Way of making syrup.  Along with that they have taste sugar on snow, nature walks, scavenger hunts, and even a workshop on making maple sugar in your backyard!  The best part of the day is their all you can eat Homemade Pancake breakfast with Real Maple Syrup!  Admission is $8 for Adults, $6 for Kids 4 to 12, and kids under 3 are free.  Pancake breakfast free with admission fee. 

Here are a few others around town that you might want to check out –

Boberg’s Maple – located on 2298 Edmunds Road Delevan, NY

Boxler’s Pure Maple Syrup – 2709 Royce Road Varysburg, NY.  This one is at Hidden Valley Animal Adventure and has trolley rides to the Sugar House and even a Buttermilk Pancake Breakfast in the Lodge Dining Room. 

Gaeta Family Farm – 3789 Ridge Road Lockport, NY

George’s Maple Products – 1766 Route 77 Strykersville, NY

Siler’s Sugar Shanty – 2401 Pee Dee Road North Java, NY

This is only the beginning of the list of places around WNY and farther away that is opening their doors for people to come in and see their Maple Sugar Shanty or is serving up Pancake Breakfasts this weekend and next weekend.  Make sure you check out the website- - for all of the places to check out! 

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