This brisk cold can feel never-ending, but do you remember when the temperatures reached the 70s? 

It’s true. There was one spring where the weather felt more like summer than you could imagine. 

WGRZ Meteorologist Patrick Hammer shared a photo of the weather records from 11 years ago, and it really makes you miss those “good ole days.” 

It was in the 80s…wow! 

The drastic change in these temperatures makes you wonder if it’s actually a good thing or not. With more talk of climate change in our society, it could be a bit concerning to see the difference in temperature. 

A recent study was published in the Geophysical Research Letters that looked at the seasons in more depth.  

One thing that the researchers found was evidence to suggest that the four seasons have changed as a result of global warming, meaning that so have the season’s temperatures.

Years ago, the four seasons used to span over an equal amount of months. Now, that’s not really the case. 

According to these findings, summer is the longest season, which means the overall length of spring, fall, and winter have decreased. 

These researchers made a very interesting prediction too. They said, “By 2100, summers may last nearly half the year, and there may be less than two months of winter.” 

It’s weird to think of a winter being just a few weeks long in Buffalo, and I hope that doesn’t happen. Having the snowstorms that we do is what keeps our city so close knit. It’s what created the City of Good Neighbors, really. 

We can do without the extreme snowstorms, but having snow and needing the driveways shoveled just helps us get out and get to know our neighbor a little better. 

The temperatures should sneak into the high 40s this week, with a chance of rain on Thursday. Snow showers are possible on Fridays. 

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