The summer of 2024 unofficially starts this weekend and across New York State there are parties, celebrations and ceremonies planned. Memorial Day weekend is the trial run and kickoff to the long and fun summer months.

What are your plans? Perhaps you are getting some yard work done? Planting flowers? Maybe you are going to a parade of stopping by a cemetery to pay respects?

If your plans include a party in the yard, there is one game that you likely won't see after it was deemed too dangerous to sell.

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While you are playing ladder golf, corn hole, flip cup or any other backyard game, think about the old days of Jarts! What is a Jart? It was one of the most dangerous and exciting games a family could have!

According to the Consumer Safety Commission, Jarts (known as lawn darts) "Effective on December 19, 1988, CPSC banned the sale of all lawn darts in the United States. Pointed lawn darts, intended for use in an outdoor game, have been responsible for the deaths of three children".

I recall playing lawn darts at a friend's house when I was a kid and one of them sailed from my hand directly to their new tent and blasted a hole right through the front flap! It was as if a razor blade cut right through the fabric of the tent!

Have a fun and SAFE weekend! Enjoy the time off and being with family. However, keep in mind the reason we are off on Monday. There are few words that express our gratitude for those women and men who gave their lives to defend our freedom.

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