The news is not good for Target shoppers as a few locations across the United States are being forced to close for a very sad reason. The closures include a select location here in New York State.

The fall is here and EVERYTHING is pumpkin spice. What comes next? The Holidays. If you have been in a store recently, there are already dozens of Christmas decorations for sale and on display. It seems we don't even think about Thanksgiving and the enjoyment of the seasons changing anymore.

But regardless of the trends, Target stores could be the most popular place for shopping this time of year and hearing that stores are closing is not good news for many shoppers. The reason is crime! Stores simply can't keep up with the amount of theft and vandalism that is happening at various locations in New York State.

Target is closing nine stores across New York City, Seattle, San Francisco and Portland, Ore., because of theft and organized retail crime

This is truly sad and considering what businesses went through with the COVID pandemic, it is a scary trend that could trickle to the mom and pop stores that are digging out from the stress that the pandemic placed on them.


The fall is here and there are so many fun things for us to look forward to here in New York State! From apple picking to a trip through a corn maze, there is no shortage of family fun. But is New York State going to keep us from using a lit candle in our pumpkin? While there are not any plans to stop or halt the use of candles in the pumpkins this year, many are wondering what is next after recent reports that New York is moving to more green and environmentally friendly way of doing things. The biggest fear is that we won't be able to use a gas powered furnace or stove in the near future. Those who have one now may not be able to find parts and will effectively be forced to go all electric.

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