I've known Matt Perillo for at least the past 15 years when he joined the Western New York Certified Football Officials organization.  I've officiated many high school football games with Matt over the years and when you see his name on the roster of officials for a game you're scheduled to do you always know you'll be working with a dependable, knowledgeable and capable guy.

Matt has a wonderful wife and two beautiful daughters.  He's always kept himself in shape by working out and riding his bike, but it was back in January when Matt became seriously ill with sepsis - a severe infection of the bloodstream.  It was at the same time my wife was hospitalized with the same illness.  My wife didn't survive.  Matt lost his legs.

Matt is undergoing therapy to get him back up and walking again.  He's been fitted with prosthetics and he's already taken his first steps.  It's a long journey, but an expensive one.  There have been so many bills that insurance just won't cover.  That's why Matt's numerous friends and family are hosting the Matt Perillo Picnic Fundraiser this Saturday at the Chicken Coop, 299 Leydecker Road in West Seneca from 4 to 8 PM.   $20.00 to get in.

To find out more about Matt, his therapy and the event check out the Shoes For Matt Perillo website