McDonalds has been rolling out new kiosks across the country for awhile now.  Dale discovered one in the north towns, and now they're making their way to the south towns too.

The latest to show up are at a newly remodeled restaurant in West Seneca.

According to WGRZ, they just unveiled the new ordering devices yesterday at the McDonalds on Union Road.

It's a brand new way to order there.  Now, you order through the kiosk and you go sit down.  Then your order is brought to you with table service.

But isn't that going to eliminate jobs?  Not according to Sandra Haefner, the owner of that particular franchise.  She says it will actually add jobs, or maybe just relocate the need:

"People think we're going to lose people because of the kiosks. That's not true.  It actually allows me to hire more people for the restaurant. Think about it, as you get five people ordering at the same time, it kind of fills up the grill area. What does that create? It means I need more people in the grill area to produce more food. So we're actually adding people to the restaurant."

This is Dale's experience with the kiosks:

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