Over the weekend it was confirmed that Melania Trump will NOT be moving into the White House after her husband officially becomes president in January.

But, what do you think? For good reason?

Melania has decided to stay home in Trump Tower so that 10-year-old Barron can continue attending his Upper West Side school. It is not shocking to family and friends as Melania does not rely much on support to take care of their son and is often photographed at his school.

There was mention of the two moving at the end of the school year for the Summer. According to the New York Post,

Melania is extremely close to Barron, and they have become closer during the campaign. The campaign has been difficult for Barron, and she is really hoping to keep disruption to a minimum. Melania is very supportive of her husband and is fully on board of doing everything that’s needed as first lady", said sources.