The baseball season is halfway through as the Major League Baseball All Star Game is now in the books. The National League beat the American League 3-2 in Seattle on Tuesday night. The game was fun to watch as the bets players in the world came together for one night. However, it was what happened (or didn't happen) before the first pitch that has some fans upset.

Baseball has become more fun to watch after the pitch timer/clock was introduced. It moves along with a good rhythm and there are some very exciting moments lately. It was also great to hear the thoughts and banter of the players during the All Star Game as many were "mic'd up".

Seattle looked amazing for this event! From the home run derby on Monday, to the last pitch Tuesday, T-Mobile Park looked stunning and the presentation was spot on. But FOX Sports is taking some heat today after choosing NOT to air the Canadian National Anthem in the pregame portion of the broadcast.

For the record, the anthem was performed by country star, Tenille Townes.

As for the American National Anthem, people felt it was lengthy and it even caused the fly over to be off.

The evening prior, the anthem singer before the Home Run Derby wore his hat for the duration of his performance. He has since appologized.

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