Cigarettes and certain cigars have immediately gotten more expensive in New York State. The new tax is on certain cigars in New York State and all cigarettes.

To be clear, New York State has increased the tax on cigarettes by $1 per pack of 20 cigarettes, and $1 per pack of 20 little cigars.

As you can imagine, the move by New York State is only going to send people to places like Irving, where you can purchase tax-free products. Here are some of the update taxes, the the New York State Health website,

  • 20 cigarettes - $5.35 per pack
  • 20 little cigars - $5.35 per pack
  • Moist snuff - $2.00 per ounce
  • Cigars and other tobacco products - 75% of wholesale value
  • Vapor products sold in NYS, with or without nicotine - 20% of the retail price

Again, these are just the New York State tax that is added to the price of the products that you are buying. There might be ADDITIONAL taxes from your local government as well. For instance:

New York City (NYC) imposes a local tax of $1.50 per pack, which, in September 2023, will bring the combined state and local tax to $6.85. In addition, NYC Local Law 145 requires retailers to sell cigarettes for a minimum retail price of $13.00 per pack.

In your area, what has been the price of tobacco products? It is obviously the highest that it has ever been, but what prices are you seeing in compared to other places?

EXTRA: Remember there was a man who got arrested in Buffalo in 2019 to going to Pennsylvania to buy 8,300 untaxed cigars and bringing them back to Western New York to sell? He was charged with  charged with possessing more than 2,500 untaxed cigars among other things.

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