How much money do Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen make from endorsements? Whether they represent national or local brands, there is a rigorous vetting process that both go through. Diggs and Allen make sure that they are partnering with brands that align with their values.

Here is how much money Stefon Diggs and Josh Allen made in the past 12 months and examples of some of the endorsements and partnerships they had:

Stefon Diggs - Gatorade, M & T, Imagine Staffing, DraftKings 

$2.5 million over the past 12 months

Josh Allen - West Herr, CashApp, Microsoft, Hyundai, and Tommy Armour

$4 million over the past 12 months

The figures are from Yahoo. BOTH Josh Allen and Stefon Diggs were on Yahoo's 'Top 10 NFL Players Who Make The Most from Endorsements' list. Josh Allen took the 4th spot while Stefon Diggs took the 7th spot.

In case you were wondering who the top NFL endorsement fetcher is--it is the Tampa Bay Buccaneers' Tom Brady. Brady raked in over $50 million and added to his fortune. He totaled $83.9 million earned in the past 12 months. The endorsements could really come in more if the Buffalo Bills win a Super Bowl. The Buffalo Bills have a few losses on the season but are still looking second best to win the Super Bowl, according to

  • Kansas City Chiefs +400
  • Buffalo Bills +450
  • Philadelphia Eagles +600
  • San Francisco 49ers +650
  • Dallas Cowboys +900

What day is the Super Bowl this year? The Super Bowl will be in Arizona and played on February 12, 2023 at 6:30 PM.

Go Bills!

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