It's one thing if your name is listed incorrectly in the phone book.  It's another thing if you're depending on the yellow pages to bring you some business and they list your business under the wrong category.  Listing your restaurant under 'Animal Carcass Removal'....them's fightin' words.

Hunter Lacey owns 2 bars in Montana and claims that they've both suffered a huge loss after they were listed in the yellow pages under the "Animal Carcass Removal' category.

Now he's suing the media company that publishes the phone books.

 "Lacey's lawsuit says a Dex Media employee deliberately published the listing after Lacey declined to buy an advertisement from him,"

He says that business has dropped $18,000 since the incorrect listing.  The problem for Lacey though is how do you prove that the loss is due to the phonebook misprint?

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