A new flavor of Mountain Dew has arrived and it has Twitter buzzing more than a caffeine surge!

Introducing Mountain Dew Major Melon! It is a watermelon flavored twist on the original.

According to the report, the new flavor comes in a sugar free variety as well.

After reading the story on Twitter, it brought up the debate about what we call it? Is it soda or is it pop? If you live in the Buffalo area long enough, you can tell right away when someone is new to the area or not from here originally just by what they call a sugary, carbonated drink. For us, it's pop! Soda seems to be a term that is widely used by people in other ares of the state and the country but, they are wrong!

There are other words that only we Buffalonians know how to pronounce correctly. (At least in our minds) For example, the minor league baseball team that plays in the city of Buffalo is called the Buffalo Bisons. If you don't pronounce the "s" in Bisons as a "z" you are WRONG! It is a instant indication that you did not grow up here and have not had the pleasure of attending a Friday Night Bash!

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I gave up drinking pop years ago. But when I am thirsty enough, a good Mountain Dew would be my first choice! I don't even mind it at room temperature.

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