As the summer gets closer and the days get longer, you may be looking forward to the lazy days coming up. However, if you have kids, you may be sweating about what to do with them for the next 2 months? There is some good news for parents on a budget that need fun things to keep the family busy.

The summer can be a challenge for busy parents. Even though the kids are out of their routine for summer, mom and dad still have their responsibilities with work. Finding the right camp, that is close to home, and affordable, can be a big challenge. If you haven't booked the camp for your kids yet, it may be too late!

That being said, there are some fun things coming this summer and if you love movies, can be very affordable!

According to Yahoo Finance, there are some movies that will only cost $3 and are perfect for kids!

Moviegoers can experience 14 different popular family titles throughout the summer months, with dedicated showtimes on Wednesdays and Saturdays

There are still a few AMC theaters scattered around New York State. In the Western New York area, the Market Arcade 8 is a popular destination.

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