Remember when a stop at the gas station used to be an additional “moment of silence?” A time to recollect yourself after a stressful day or before your big day at work?

Times have changed, my friend, but that doesn’t mean we have to continue to suffer. 

It was only a few years ago when gas stations across New York state decided to add television screens to many of their gas pumps. At first, it seemed cool – revolutionary, maybe. 

But now? It’s just annoying. 

If you want to take back your moment of silence at the gas pump, there may actually be a way to do that…and we can thank the unsung heroes who pumped gas before us. 

At an Exxon gas pump in Western New York, someone took the time to mark the “mute” button.  

It seems too good to be true, but imagine this: it worked!

Turns out, most gas pumps are set up the same way. If you want to mute a gas station TV, try to press the button one down from the top on the right side. 

One person said that they tried it at the reservation too, and it worked. 

If you need a little extra time to collect your thoughts, and you prefer to do it without a television screen blaring in your ears, now you know where the mute button is hidden!

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