Something happened last night and I kind of feel like I owe an apology to our FedEx driver.  So if that person was you, I'm sorry.

Are you the kind of person who tries to do the right thing for other people and it turns out, in almost every case, that you would have been better off to do the opposite?  Me too.

Let me start out by saying that I have seen a lot of delivery people come to my house since I started working from home.  Every single one that I've seen has been working their butts off.  From FedEx to UPS, the postal service, and Amazon, they have all been working hard and it shows.  So if I have a chance to make their life a little easier, or stress-free, I try to.

Yup, I understand that they all signed up for that job.  They knew they would be walking packages through the snow and rain when they applied.  That doesn't mean that if I have the opportunity to make their lives a little easier that I shouldn't try.

So since the pandemic began it just seemed like a good practice to avoid contact wherever possible.  For my protection and theirs, I haven't been going to the door like I used to pre-pandemic to meet them.  I'll often wait for them to set the package down, then as they're walking away I'll come out and yell thank you as they're walking back to their truck.

This is exactly what I did last night, and I thought I was doing our delivery person a favor by waiting.  Then I saw that the package was our monthly dog food delivery - which isn't a little package, and the FedEx driver was.  She had to walk it all the way up my driveway.  I felt bad that I didn't go out and help her.  I stood inside the door like a lump on a log doing nothing.

She did just fine with it, but I still felt like I owed her an apology.  So if you're reading this...I'm sorry...and I promise I had good intentions!


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