If you are like us, you have a tough time finding the perfect gift for your loved ones on Valentine's day. Some people love roses and candy, while some want something different! If you are looking for something WAY DIFFERENT...

How about naming a roach after them!

That 's right....A ROACH!

Wesselman Nature Society in Evansville, Indiana is offering you a chance to do something a little different, allowing you to name a Madagascar Hissing Cockroach for your sweetie (or your worst ex!)

For a $10 donation, your loved one (or not-so-loved one) will receive a personalized digital certificate to cherish for years to come. New this year, the Sealed With A Hiss package allows gift-givers to present their sweetie with chocolate roaches and a printed certificate.

“Roses won’t survive the apocalypse. A roach will be a symbol of your eternal love,” says Executive Director, John Scott Foster. You will also be able to visit your roach at the Wesselman Woods Nature Center.

All of the donations go towards the educational animal program, helping protect and care for these misunderstood love bugs and the rest of our animals, big and small.

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