Oscar-winning film, "A Star is Born," required Bradley Cooper to do some research for the character of Jackson Maine. So, Cooper went to check out the greats -- attending a Trisha Yearwood and Garth Brooks concert in L.A. Trisha said she got a little star struck, and Garth said, “wow all these women suddenly want to be in the meet and greet.”

If you got married or went to a wedding recently, you probably heard the DJ play Dan & Shay’s Speechless….super romantic song. Now, imagine you’re at a wedding and Dan & Shay come out and start singing it live! It happened over the weekend at a wedding at Disney World — the couple was surprised but it was part of their Disney Fairy Tale Wedding Team, set up by the bride's father.

Michael Ray and Carly Pierce are getting married…they asked Jake Owen to sing "Made for You" as the first dance. Not "Down To The Honkeytonk," it turns out the lyric “I got a girl named Carly, she used to get on the back of my Harley” didn’t make the cut.

And on this day in 1963, Patsy Cline died in a plane crash in Camden, Tennessee. She was en route back to Nashville after performing a benefit concert the night before.

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