With the holidays fast approaching a lot of retailers are looking for extra help over the busy holiday season to help calm the craze! So who is hiring and what retailers gives you the best odds to be hired? 24/7 Wall Street did some research and complied a list of the top retailers hiring for the season.

Top 10 Retailers Hiring For The Holidays

  1. Amazon (120,000)
  2. UPS (95,000)
  3. Macy’s (83,000)
  4. Target (77,500)
  5. Kohl’s (69,000)
  6. FedEx (N/A)
  7. J.C. Penney (40,000)
  8. Party City (35,000)
  9. Radial (20,000)
  10. Nordstroms (11,400)

Amazon comes in with the highest number and they're up from 100,000 hires last year. Macy's is the highest brick and mortar store hiring and they're actually down from last year. If you're looking for seasonal work retail is obviously the way to go! Good luck and Happy Holidays.

Get the full article from 24/7 Wall Street HERE.


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