Everyone who is from Buffalo secretly loves it when a TV show, a song, or a movie reference the City of Good Neighbors. 

A new show on Netflix has already made several references to Western New York in just the first episode.

Cabinet of Curiosities debuted this week on Netflix, and Western New Yorkers already noticed so many indications that the horror anthology show was set in this area.  

“They name drop Williamsville and one character holds up an old Courier Express,” one person said after watching the first episode. 

There's also a Bills sticker on the cabinet in the manager's office. Shows up around 10:58 of the first episode.

The mastermind filmmaker behind Cabinet of Curiosities is no stranger to Buffalo; Guillermo del Toro loves it here. 

Some other projects of del Toro’s have mentioned Buffalo, including Crimson Peak and Nightmare Alley.

There must be a reason why he keeps relying on the City of Good Neighbors to make his productions. 

Cabinet of Curiosities premiered on October 25. It’s a Netflix series that is entirely fictional, similar to the Twilight Zone or Alfred Hitchcock Presents.

Two more episodes will drop each of the next few days, adding up for a total of 8 episodes.

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