A new beach has opened here in Western New York just in time for Summer 2017! This is going to be fun if you're in the north towns!  Right in Lockport, along Erie Canalon the public marina on Market Streetis the Rivi-Erie Beach.

The beach is actually themed a bit, as a nod to Paris, France. According to WGRZ:

The people behind it got the idea after seeing a European travel show about "les plages" -- the beaches -- in Paris, France.

"[The show] talked about how the plages are in Paris every summer.  Thousands of people flock there.  Nobody is swimming in the Seine, and we have the canal.  We thought, wouldn't it be a hoot to make a beach in Lockport," said Ellen Martin.

Unfortunately, this is actually a temporary installation....for now. There will be outdoor activities like painting and yoga out there as well this Summer!

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