There’s a chance that you may have been exposed to the viral disease, and it can be deadly. 

There has been a confirmed case of rabies in Western New York.

The only people who typically get vaccinated for rabies do so as a preventative measure are those who are at high risk of exposure, such as lab workers, veterinarians, and other potentially affected areas. However, if you follow the protocol of post-exposure prevention, you should get a rabies vaccine as soon as possible after exposure, because it is almost always fatal. 

Since rabies is so dangerous, you should be aware of a recent outbreak in Niagara County. 

A rabid raccoon was found in the town of Lockport on Tuesday, according to the Niagara County Health Department

The Lockport Journal confirmed that the U.S. Department of Agriculture submitted a specimen for surveillance purposes and the specimen came back as positive for rabies by the Wadsworth Center Rabies Laboratory.  

Raccoons are one of the most common carriers of rabies, along with other animals including bats, skunks, and foxes. The virus is contagious and it can spread from one to another before symptoms become evident, so it’s best to get a rabies vaccine if you have been exposed. 

You can find out more precautions for rabies when you click here

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