A social media account known for its creative spin on professional sports team logos has modified the Buffalo Bills logo, and we’re not mad about it.

Granted, the Bills Mafia probably wouldn’t support this as a permanent change, but it’s definitely a design you would want on a t-shirt this week as the Bills face off against the Jacksonville Jaguars. 

The Bills Are Excited For London

The Buffalo Bills are excited for their first trip to London since 2015, making it the first time that many players are getting the opportunity to play in front of their fans in London – including Josh Allen, Dalton Kincade, Stefon Diggs, Dawson Knox, and more. 

The Bills posted a video on Tuesday of Allen and Knox practicing their British accents ahead of their first game in Europe. 

They are expected to land in London by Friday morning. 

British Version Of Buffalo Bills Logo

An artist on social media took a British spin on the Buffalo Bills logo ahead of their game in London, and it looks awesome. 

Take a look at the design below. 

Bills fans absolutely loved the new look for this week, and some Mafia members have actually changed their profile picture to the British Buffalo Bill. 

People had some jokes, too…all in good fun, though! One Bills fan suggested that the team go by the “Buffalo Williams” for the Jaguars game….you know, since it’s in London. 

What do you say, ole chap? Shall we circle the wagons, yeh?

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