Hot dogs, peanuts, coooold beer! You know you're at a sporting event when you hear those words being shouted out, but it's 2018, and let's face it, we want choices and the latest food trends no matter where we are! Well good news, the Sabres couldn't agree more and just revealed new food items available at upcoming games.

WGRZ reports that starting Thursday fans can enjoy the start of a new season with a few new food options. Some of the newly revealed food items will be available at concession stands, while others only in suites.

Some new options include Cheetos popcorn, an international food cart located on the 100 level, and a new burger named The Dominator. When asked about the new food options at the arena, The Keybank Center executive chef Stephen Forman said:

"They're seeing a lot of new items offered at other arenas and of course we at Delaware North, we want to be very innovative and very creative."

Check out a photo gallery of some new food options by clicking here! My mouths watering just looking at it. Whether the Sabres play well or not, you're sure to win with these new food creations!

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