As both sides of the United States Congress continue to work on a new stimulus package for the county, a new bipartisan group of Congress called "The Problem Solvers Caucus" has released details of a new proposal that includes another round of stimulus checks for most Americans.

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The new proposal was released to the media yesterday and was brokered by 25 members of both the Republican and Democrat sides of Congress.

In the proposal according to, another round of stimulus checks are included under the same terms as the ones issued back in March.

The $1.5 trillion proposal, being fronted by the caucus’s co-chairs, Democrat Josh Gottheimer and Republican Tom Reed, begins with a second installment of the highly popular $1,200 per person (and $500 per child) stimulus checks

Also included in the proposed bill is extra money for those on unemployment, money for schools to help cover COVID-19 related testing, and contact tracing.

The proposal will now both be looked at by the House and Senate and could be used as a restarter for both sides to come back to the negotiation table to get a second stimulus package passed and signed into law.

The overall total cost of the proposed plan would be nearly 1.5 Trillion dollars.


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